Saturday, January 30, 2010

Im stuck!

So it officially snowed for the 2nd time this year while I WAS NOT AT SCHOOL to see it!!

Im so bummed....

Heres the worst part.

Im stuck at home!! Which would normally be a good thing except for the fact that I do have to be back for classes (if we have them) on Monday.... My little Saturn and I may not make it tomorrow trying to drive back! ahhhhhh

Wish me luck!


Thursday, January 28, 2010


What was SUPPOSED to happen this weekend AND was discussed MULTIPLE times within the past 3 weeks????

I pick up Olly tonight and kept him through Sunday. N's bday is Saturday but he said he didnt mind not having O since this was the weekend I had to come home anyways for my Sonography Program information meeting.

What ACTUALLY happened?

Got a text this morning asking if I could take O another weekend because he's decided not to go out of town on his bday and "really wants Olly to be with him on his bday" (aka SHE doesn't know about me STILL even though he was SUPPOSED to tell her over Christmas break and she'll be there for his bday and will ask where Olly is). WTF??? I said No, I was coming home for a mandatory meeting for the sonography program and already took off work.

I managed to take Olly for the night and bring him back tomorrow night. Im not happy about it because this is MY weekend with him but...


I cant do it. My heart and my mind and my sanity just cant do it anymore. and plus, its his dang birthday so I cant bring myself to be the jerk that ruins his birthday by fighting this one even though I dont even think theres any stock to his reasoning.

Whatever, Im gonna go love on Olly for as long as I possibly can. Sweet baby boy has been missing his mama :)

PS: MAGGIE- SO glad you are following along! Thank you for your comment!! Its so comforting to hear from you ladies about your personal experiences and how you have gotten through those hard times! I would love to follow your blog if you have one!!! Let me know!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me! Monday

As you know... I am ALWAYS a great student who is ALWAYS prepared when I get to class ON TIME Because of this reason, I most certainly did not sleep until 8:30am this morning when I have class at 9am after staying up until 2am playing on the computer because I just.could.not.SLEEP only to then remember I had a homework assignment that I did not do yet. I would NEVER do that assignment while I brushed my teeth and jumped into a pair of jeans to then DEFINITELY get to class on time... :) Nope, Never.

I would never have to be upset that I am responsible for my roommate's camera falling off of our TV and breaking on Saturday night. I would NEVER think it was a good idea to put it up there so we could take a timed photo and then proceed to watch it fall as we stood there smiling... KNOWING that my luck unluck would make it break probably before it even hit the TV stand because we ALL know I am COMPLETELY rolling in dough and can just buy my roommates new cameras whenever I want. Nah... that DID NOT happen to me.

I most certainly am not bummed that I have not heard from snowboarding boy, R, since I hung out with him on Friday. And I would NEVER start jumping to conclusions like, "wow, he must have had an awful time" or "he must not be into me" just to try to make myself feel better about the reason that I am DYING to talk to him while, I, on the other hand, are far from his mind. No way Id ever think that way!

And even if these things DID happen to me, I would never vent to my bloggies about my constant tardiness, sleep insomnia, unluckiness, and worry because LORD KNOWS they'd hate me for it.

Nope. I'd never do that.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 1 Workout Log

Im really trying to get back into shape this semester- Id like to run a 5k this year since my last one was in high school. My goal is to work out 4-5x a week and record it here every Friday- I dont know if the 5k will happen since my workouts cant really consist of a lot of running (because of chronic tendonitis in my knees) but Im gonna try to run at least 2x a week and swim the other 3. We'll see how it goes :)

This week only has 2 days since classes were starting and my schedule was a little off. I know this is boring stuff so if you dont care- you dont have to read it. Just wanted to keep track of it for myself :)

January 21

1. Warm Up: Elliptical (15 minutes)

2. 1 mile run (9 min 2 sec)
SO not happy with this time as I used to run a 7 min mile but you gotta start somewhere, RIGHT?

3. Dynamic Warm up
- 25 Jumping Jacks
- 20 Knee Hugs
- Med Ball exercises
- etc

4. Fitness Test
- Push Ups
- Standing Squats
- Sit ups

5. Abs (x2)
- 30 crunches
- 20 side crunches (each side)
- 20 alternating leg lifts (each side)
- 5- 90 degree bended knee/hip windshield wipers
- 25 supermans
- 5 push ups

Friday: January 22

Pool for 30 minutes

Hey now! Dont hate- Im sore! haha

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When you least expect it.....


I just checked my email and saw that N had sent me a pic. This is not unusual as he sends me pics of Olly sporadically and so when I opened it and saw THIS.... I was surprised.

If you dont know... that is a picture of Chocola.te Ch.ip Para.dise from Ch.ilis. N and I's signature desert.

You'd think I would think that was so sweet that he ate it and thought of me... but I was not happy when I got it....

Here's what went through my mind when I opened it....
  1. Why is he eating OUR desert WITHOUT ME?
  2. When I look at this picture, I immediately see the vera bradley wallet in the upper right and AUTOMATICALLY think... wow... he just sent me a pic of OUR desert as he eats it with his new gf.... Now I know I dont know that for certain and I decided that for my sake, I would not ask but its still what I notice when I see this pic.... not a fun thing to see.
  3. There is only one spoon. so that makes me feel like he was at least eating it alone.... yeah I know.. the normal person would never see these things.
  4. I would think he couldnt possibly be with her because why would he take the time to take a picture of his desert to send to his ex while at dinner with his current gf? How would he ever explain THAT?... Just doesnt seem logical...
  5. I have had a hard last few days... Ive thought about him a lot for some reason and have refrained from contacting him in any way.... and well this just ruins the streak.
Heres the conversation (through texts) that occurred after I received the pic.

A: eating Chi.lis?
N: Did you know what it was? :)
A: of course
N: Thought about u. U sound busy, sorry for bugging u.
A: Im not busy. How are you?
N: Im doing ok. How r u ?
A: Im good. Started classes yesterday
N: Thats good! Almost done! Dare I ask about the dude situation?
A: No dudes
N: Y not?
A: Guys suck and I just dont have the energy to deal with them right now
N: Whoa, what happened?
A: haha, nothing at all. I just dont know if I want to deal with something like that right now. I dont want to get hurt.
A: Do you mind sending me some pics of Olly soon?
N: Yeah sure, Ill send one now.

I know yal love my quick thinking when I changed the subject to Olly to avoid getting into my personal life. Ha.

He confirmed that Yes, he remembers that I am picking up Olly next Thursday night for the weekend (which is also N's bday weekend) so that is good to know that he is still on board.

I like the way things are and I definitely want us to be able to talk like normal people without jumping down each others' throats. Im just tired of fighting with him and I want to keep moving forward. I guess things were good. I just hate that I question every single thing that he does now.


I just want my Ollydog. :(


Today officially marks 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days until I graduate!!!!


Im sooo excited!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase.

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last day

Tomorrow is my last day of Winter break and I am DREADING starting classes on Tuesday! On the other hand, I am excited to start my last semester of undergraduate school!

What have I been up to?!

Snowboarding was AWESOME!!! I had so much fun hanging out with everyone and getting to be on the mountain for a few hours. I am definitely a beach girl because I was shivering and shaking after about 2 hours of going up and down the mountain and everyone else was sweating!! I pretty much spent the last 2 hours of the session sitting in the lodge with my feet up sipping on hot chocolate! :) but I didn't care, I had so much fun!

Oh, and I met an AMAZING guy, too! Well, I guess Ive known him for a while (through my friend who goes to App) but I have never really gotten the chance to talk to him until Thursday. I have to say... from what I know of him... HE.IS.AMAZING! I know nothing will probably come outta it but for the record, he seems wonderful.... yeah I definitely just said how awesome he was like 238793 times haha....

Here are just a few things about him that caught my fancy (hehe)
  1. He is one of 10 kids and said he'd love to have that many if his wife wanted to and if they could financially support them (OMGOSHHHHH THE PERFECT GUY FOR ME! No, I do not want 1o kids but I do want a husband who is excited to be a father and wants more than 2)
  2. He is passionate about life!
  3. He doesn't cuss like a sailor (like N did). Actually, I dont think I heard him say one cuss word the whole time I was with him (which is AWESOME)
  4. He is very very concerned about others' well being!
  5. Every single time he passed me on the mountain, he would either stop and say hey or throw a "Lookin' good, Allison! Keep it up!" which was so nice for someone who is just getting the hang of it. A girl could get used to that :) haha
  7. He's taller than me (haha yeah I know, pathetic, but Im not into short guys!)
  8. He's really funny
  9. From his actions, I am going to deduct that he's a Christian but Im not positive... definitely something that is important to me so we'll see! :)
Alright, I'm gonna stop now because I'm probably getting myself excited about NOTHING but it just feels so good to finally meet someone that interests me and is a good guy (that I know of). I was starting to believe that good guys didnt exist! Most likely, Ill never see the guy again or he wont be interested in me even if we did get to hang out again so Im really trying to be "whatever" about the whole situation.

Anyways- I AM EXXXXHHHAAUUUUSSSTTTEEEDDDD.... I went out with friends Wednesday and stayed up really late but got up really early, went snowboarding Thursday and went to bed really late and got up really early and then went out with some friends Friday night again and YES, stayed up way too late! Can you see a trend here? Yeah, me 2! I did ABSOLUTELY nothing after I got off work last night but I still couldn't go to sleep until after 1am.... Bad news for someone who has to get up at 8am everyday starting Tuesday.

Hopefully Ill be able to get myself outta this weird schedule in.... oh lets say... the next 24 hours! haha yeah very unlikely but I'm gonna try!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010


How do you know that you'd acquired too many things?

Yup, thats how you know.

Haha- I know this picture is hilarious and I look awful but I could barely see out of my back window so I needed to document! :)

Finally back at school...

Where am I gonna put all this stuff???

Oh yeah! Thats a good place!

Snowboarding in Boone, NC. Be back soon! :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Im really down tonight.

I feel so alone and I know that I dont notice it normally because Im trying to pack my life with other things.

I know only God can fill that void but it's hard not to reach for something else... naively thinking that I can make that feeling go away.

Please pray for the Lord to wrap his arms around me and show me that the plans he has for me are so much bigger than what I can see right now....

Friday, January 8, 2010

Im going to be...

...AN AUNT!!!

My older sister and her husband announced on Christmas that they are 6 weeks pregnant!

Apparantly they have been trying for over a year and had to end up using Clo.mid and NO ONE EVEN KNEW!! They kept us all in the dark to try to lessen the stress of "trying" on themselves! At first, I was kind of hurt that she didn't tell me but then I realized that it is probably better this way... because this way I wouldn't worry about her and she wouldn't have to worry about me (or others) constantly asking "how its going."

Now, I had a really hard time deciding whether I wanted to announce this on the blog or not... but then I realized that this is my life and I want to share it in its entirety with you guys! I know that a year of trying is NOTHING compared to what many of you have gone through or ARE going through but I am so excited and I know you guys will be excited for me too :)

I cant even possibly begin to understand just how much a mother loves her baby when she sees them for the first time because I am ABSOLUTELY in love with this little blob already...


Baby's heartbeat was 160 bpm and is measuring right on track :)

Obviously there is still a lot that can happen between now and 40 weeks (she is 8 weeks now)... but I am hoping and praying that we will get to meet this little one in August!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010!

Things continue to be ridiculously crazy so heres my random bullets.
  • If you havent, go see AVATAR!... In 3D! I have to say it may be one of the best movies Ive ever seen! I wish I had splurged and gone to the 3D instead of the regular show. I may have to go again to get the full effect :)

  • I should hopefully be picking Olly up on the 5th or 6th depending on my schedule and keeping him until the 10th. N and I havent really spoken since he came to pick Olly up the other day. Im not really bothered by it and it seems that he isnt either since i havent heard from him.

  • I have a friend from school coming to visit for a few days and Im already getting the "do you like him?" "Is he cute?" "Are you gonna date him" questions! OMGOSH! Seriously? Can a girl not have guy friends? For goodness sakes, hes not even staying at my house! (but if you must know, yes he is cute but no I have not considered him as a potential because we're friends and its hard for me to see past that at this moment.)

  • I told Collier last night that I didnt feel comfortable talking to him as much as we do knowing that he has a girlfriend, she has no idea we talk, and if I was her- Id be really upset if I found out my bf was talking to a girl (even if they were just friends) as much as he talk to me. He dont think he was too happy. I havent heard from him since. I mean, whatever. What can you do? ha.

  • My best friend from high school got married Saturday! Its weird to think that we are already at that stage in life.

    I am still trying to keep up with everyone's blogs during this crazy busy time so just know that I am there even if Im not commenting :)