Thursday, April 28, 2011

OHHHH Update


I didn't want to leave you hanging much longer so here are bullet points about the past weeks of non blogging time!

  • I finished the application process for this years admissions to the Sonography program and should find out within the next couple weeks. I'm pretty torn on this one. I really don't think I will get in but if I do, I feel obligated to attend. I'm not quite sure its what I wanna do but I'll cross that road when I come to it aka IF I get accepted into the program. Good thing about not being sure is that there is a lot less pressure about the outcome of my point count.

  • I am currently in the process of booking an ALL INCLUSIVE VACATION for the end of June with one of my best friends! I am SOOOO excited and am proud of myself for finally taking the vacation I deserve after working 50+ hours/wk for the past year! I'm getting a little irritated by how laid back my friend is being about getting her passport and taking her PTO days at work because if she screws this up for me, I'm gonna have to open a can of whoop ass! :) I know she wants to go, but she is just so used to people doing everything for her that she's just sitting around waiting for me to take care of it. Dumb Dumb, have fun trying to make it in the real world without mommy and daddy. :)

  • My transmission is jacked in my car. It wont consistently shift into reverse from park or drive. It's lurching into reverse and literally sends me flying backwards 30-40% of the time. This means I am in the market for a new car! Scary but exciting! I am going to drive this one until it literally stops in the middle of the road and I have to have it towed :) But meanwhile, I am going to be casually searching for midsized SUVs. Any suggestions??!! I LOVE my Mom's Hyundai Sante Fe and have also been looking into Highlanders and Pilots too but am open to anything anyone has had good luck with. Its really scary to think about signing a paper that promises I will pay lots of money every month but I've crunched numbers and know I can do it with my income. I am not sure whether Id like to buy New or Used so suggestions on that are welcome too. I do not like the idea of a new car depreciating SOOO much the moment you drive it off the lot but I do like the idea of a full warranty left on it. I know you can get warranties on used cars too so its just gonna take a lot of research before I make any decisions. Hopefully I'll get another 6 months out of this car but I'll never know until it happens.

  • I met a boy! A GOOD, GODLY, RESPECTFUL, boy! One who is so good to me (maybe too good! Its been 6 weeks and you'd be so proud of me because I haven't even let him kiss me! I've been taking this one SLOOOWWWW (Maybe too slow but that's okay) but I feel like that's what I need! We've talked about everything under the sun... from our upbringing, family, marriage, kids, our pasts, futures, to our walk with the Lord! Its been refreshing but super scary because this is the first time in my life that I have made it very clear that Christ is going to be the center of the relationship or that there will be no relationship at all. I'm going to be honest, I'm not 100% sure I know exactly what that looks like but I definitely know what it does not look like. Right now, my only concern is that it is moving to fast for me (in the emotional aspect) because he is 29 and I know ready to pursue marriage and a family and I'm not sure I'm there yet... at least not with him. Only because I barely know him except for what Ive learned in the past 6 weeks and I do not believe you can know someone that soon. So far he is everything I would ever hope for in a husband but I don't know if the passion is there... and if it's not, I know it could never work. So I'm gonna keep taking things slow and keep communicating with him about how I'm feeling (obviously in a thoughtful manner) and first and foremost, keep praying for the Lord to show me what to do.

  • I just spent a week in Disney with the family I nanny for and man am I glad to be back! :) We had a great time for sure but its tiring playing mommy all the time! haha! Don't get me wrong, I was very grateful for the vacation but any vacation with 4 young children really isn't a vacation at all! Especially after spending 13 hours squished between a 5 year old and a 7 year old in the back of a mini van! Oh Mickey, you totally don't have the effect on me that you used to! ;)

  • I feel like every single girl Ive ever known is announcing their pregnancies! Which is weird all around for me regardless of whether they are married or single or whatever! We are WAY too young for this junk! Marriage! Babies! Houses! Okay, maybe not but COME ON PEOPLE! Stop reminding me that I'm behind on the "fall in love, get married, buy a house, have a baby" gig!

Alright, Greys Anatomy is calling my name on DVR so Ill have to update you more later!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I feel like Ive been gone foreverrrrrr! I have SO much to tell you!


Very Soon!