Thursday, December 29, 2011


  • why do people insist on driving like bats out of hell? Im scared for my life on a regular basis driving around this town.
  • My boss is milking my last week of full shifts for what its worth.  Five closing shifts in a row is not fun to me.  But oh that 13.5 hours/3 shifts that I am scheduled for next week is going to be SO GLORIOUS!  So excited to finally have some downtime in 2012!
  • I realized today after watching a very defiant, hard-headed, whine-y 3 year old that I should tell my mom thank you at least once a day for allowing me to live to adulthood... :)
  • I feel confident that standing up for myself in the friend situation (see last post) was the right thing to do.  I am just weeding out the friends who dont really care so that I can focus more on the friends who really do 
  • My running partner comes back from vacay tomorrow and I am so stoked to not have to run solo anymore!
  • My niece has got to be the most amazing, loving, adorable 16 month old on the planet :)
  • I am so grateful for all my parents do for me. They seriously are awesome.
  • I love seeing God's crystal clear answers to certain prayers. What an awesome God I serve!
  • I have New Years Eve off--- like ENTIRELY off! Wahoo! I was supposed to have kids overnight and then the NFL game their parents are going to got moved so now I have them January 1st-2nd. YES!
  • I love you bloggy friends.  Even when I feel like I cant talk to anyone- I know I can talk to you and get supportive responses- so thank you!

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