Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pet Peeves

  1. When people don't use their blinkers
  2. Overprotective moms who freak out over everything (thus freaking their kids out and creating needless anxiety in them)
  3. When people don't use manners (especially children - come on parents, this is your job to teach them)
  4. Cussing
  5. Selfish people
  6. Old people who drive 10 miles under the speed limit
  7. When people drag the ending of a word (ie "So today I went to wooorrrrkkk and well there was this guuuuyyyyy....")
  8. Stupid people
  9. People who let their kids put stickers on the inside of the car windows.  I mean, Really? Why?
  10. When parents allow their boys to act like crazy freakin hoodlims and justify it by saying, "Oh! Boys will be boys!"
  11. When people teach their children the incorrect word for something because they think its cute. For example:  Cuppy = cup, Hot Doggy = hot dog.  Hello?! Do you want your 30 year old to call it a cuppy?! :)
  12. When people use there/their/they're, etc the wrong way.  
  13. Bad grammer
  14. People who act entitled.

I think I seriously have a problem with how many pet peeves I have! These things like REALLY bug me!  Sometimes its hard to hold my tongue-- but I do!.... well most of the time :)

What bugs you?

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