Friday, January 27, 2012

my life is made up of bullets


well at least to you guys anyways :)


  • Im brainstorming yet again names for my nanny agency.  Everytime I pick one, I find one in town (or close to town) that is just too similar to move forward.  I think I am going to choose a few Im okay with and then ask you guys for your advice.  That is, if anyone still reads this thing and comments. HA!
  • I finally got my Francesca's dress! LOVE IT!! Im ready for warm so I can rock it!!
  • Today has been one of the hardest days with the kids thus far this year (haha 27 days in...).  I seriuosly almost cried. and I dont cry easily.
  • I am co-leading my small group now which has been awesome and awful and so fulfilling and so dramatic all at the same time.  Do you realize how many girls in the same small group are linked to one stupid scumbag who breaks hearts? Yeah, you'd never believe it if I told you.
  • N's birthday is coming up.  If you dont recall, our last big fall out was last year on his birthday.  I dont even wanna know what craziness he'll apply to me this year even though I wont be attending.
  • I dont know if it is because its winter or what but I feel disgusting in terms of how I look.  I know Im training hard core for this marathon but Im really not doing anything for my abs and rest of my body other than Insanity 1-2x a week.  To all my friends/family/bosses Im sure I look the same but it's hard to know how you CAN look and then look in the mirror and see what you ACTUALLY look like.  Does anyone else ever feel like you dont look as good in the Winter?
  • One of my nanny kids broke her foot Saturday (Not under my watch) so it will be very interesting navigating the next 6-12 weeks with a 5 year old in a cast.  Poor baby :(
  • Tomorrow's Marathon training calls for 14 miles- OVER HALF WAY THERE! Wahoo!  I am stoked to feel like I can actually achieve this!
  • I've come in contact with a lot of young married moms lately and it really stinks!  I wanted to be that 24 year old wife with a little one on my hip and a baby in my belly! I know my God has wonderful plans for me but man, I wish I could see the light at the end of the tunnel sometimes.
  • I am obsessed with Pinterest. It's official!
  • I have been working like a mad woman the past week and it doesnt look like its gonna let up.  Now that Ive had a taste of down time- I dont think this whole working my life away thing is gonna fly with me anymore.
I promise Im still reading even if Im not commenting! 

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