Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Random Life

  • 6 WEEKS until my Marathon! Oh My Goodness!  I'm so excited, and exhausted, and sore.... :)
  • I just got this bad boy through the Employee Purchase Program at work! Gotta love a discount! (Garmin Forerunner 210W- retails for $249.99)

  • Kids have been whack this week but they are so cute that you cant help but love them anyways :) 
  • I am trying to check things off the list to creating my LLC-- Its just so overwhelming since I know NOTHING about starting a business!
  • I finally got smart and realized that I should just laminate my little ones' "All About My Day" sheets instead of continuing to print them over and over wasting paper AND ink.  How did I not think to do this before? HA! Embarassing!
  • What happened to Winter?  I feel like we totally skipped it this year!  Im stoked about that but worried at the same time.... I would rather have a semi-winter than to have a summer of 120 degrees in exchange! Keeping my fingers crossed that it wasnt a trade off!
  • Does anyone know anything about all the jazz on Ya.z birthcontrol?  I have been on it for years and have never had a problem (yes, I questioned my OBGYN when the commercials about it causing death started coming on but she ensured me I was fine). But now I am hearing they are considering recalling it?  But then others are saying they arent! I just dont want to continue to subject my body to something if it's clearly causing problems with a lot of people.  ANY ADVICE?
  • I have NO time. EVER.  I have had to neglect my love of Pinterest the past few weeks bc of the lack of time and I.DONT.LIKE.IT!  Come on Vacation!  Oh....wait! I dont get a vacation! HA!

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