Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All I can give you is bullets

  • Still havent heard from "friend." I am good with it.  I made the right decision for sure. Moving on.
  • N showed up at church on Sunday. WHAT?! Yes, after 10 years of me asking him he showed up without being asked and gave me a freaking panic attack bc he was there alone and asked to sit beside me (this is following an immature new years eve where he hung out romantically with some random girl from his work and then made sure that I saw the pictures so I would get jealous.... yea...)
  • All my littles are sick and its making it difficult to make money.  I cant expose one child to another sick child in another family so I am doing a lot of single family sitting which isnt good for the wallet.... especially after Christmas.
  • I feel oddly out of place at work (Sports Store).  I feel old and out of touch with what all the younger staff talks about.  I feel replaced by the new people when it comes to friendships with the original crew. Sigh.  It just is hard to remind myself that this is a job and not a place to feel accepted.  Still sucks.
  • My BIL is pissing me off big time.  He PMSes worse than any woman I have ever come in contact with. I dont understand why my independent, stand on her own two feet, genius sister would have married and jerk like him.  He is borderline verbally abusive towards my sister with the way he talks to her and what he says.  He  bites her head off over the littlest thing and called her a b**** under his breath when she pisses him off (always loud enough for her to hear...) UGH It is insane that he acts like this because he is living in my parents house for FREE while their house is being built and he cant even have the decency to respect their daughter in the meantime? I want to knock him out sometimes. And then knock my sister out for being such a idiot for putting up with it and exposing my niece to his crap. (He is a good dad. But that doesnt matter bc my niece is going to see these things as she grows up and then have an awful view of what a relationship should look like)
  • I got cute new boots in the mail today :)  Is it just me but do fake leather boots smell funny?! :)
  • I am STILL waiting on my cute dress from Francescas to come in the mail! When they say 5-10 days.... they actually mean 4390723974 days. Just saying.
  • I started IN.S.AN.ITY. (P90X on steroids) on Monday and am super excited to get my toned body back!  I hate know what I am capable of looking like and then not looking like that.  It's a myth that is you are training for a marathon that you will be ripped because seriously.... you gotta work for that.
  • My nanny family who moved recently to become missionaries in Kansas City, MI finally found a house yesterday! I cant wait for them to close on it and move in so I can book a flight and go visit! I miss my kids! I just hope the funds somehow pop up to make this trip possible!
The End.

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