Friday, March 2, 2012


I have been cancelled on three times in two weeks. Each one within 12 hours (or less) of the job start time.

If you dont remember, I am a nanny. Full time.  It is my job.

People dont seem to realize that if they cancel on me, AND choose to not pay me due to the fact that I did not watch their kids... I DONT GET PAID.... DUH.

This is my job people.

And if you have booked me for a certain time and day then you use me....

I get it, stuff comes up.... unfortunately people pass away, and kids get sick, etc, etc....

but if you "just dont feel like going to work today"....







(at least 50%)

Why?  Because YOU booked her. and YOU chose (for no good reason) to not go wherever it is you were supposed to go and SHE IS STILL RELYING ON THAT INCOME!


Moms out there! What do you think?  Do you think its fair to cancel on your nanny/babysitter 2-12 hours before and not pay them AT ALL?!

Just curious ;)

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  1. Our nanny gets paid regardless if she watches our boys or not. It is a set rate and she gets paid even we there is sickness, emergency, or vacation. If she cancels, she does not get paid. You should expect the same.